Enhancing the Control of Money

Enhancing the Control of Money

We’re giving Central Banks more control of their money supply
and people more control of their personal wealth.

Fintech’s first real-time, cloud-native banking system placed on a decentralized network with distributed ledger technologies.

A fully integrated digital financial system for Central Banks and their network of retail and commercial banks, with real-time payments and cross-border settlements in fiat, crypto, and digital currencies.

Central Bank Digital Currency

Our approach to CBDC enhances financial stability, blocks threats from cryptocurrencies and private money, and introduces resilience to the entire payment ecosystem.

Asset-Backed Stablecoins

We will work miners, agricultural segments, banks, and governments to create a stable digital currency based on ownership of resources at full value regardless of export.

Commercial & Retail Banks

Our software suite is the first approach to mission-critical transaction processing with the security, economies, and efficiency of cloud-native, event-driven distributed ledger technologies.

Increasing the Velocity of Money

We’re increasing the value of money by making it more readily available.


We are the only core banking and mission-critical transaction-processing system

based on blockchain for distributed ledger technologies, making us more secure and less expensive to operate.


Our unique, integrated business architecture is built on a single relational data base management system

that has been purposely designed to be accessed by anyone, anywhere, with appropriate security built in.

RTCore is a global company committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion.