Asset-Backed Stablecoins

As countries face challenges from cryptocurrency and economic instability, the risk of capital flight increases. A digital form of cash, backed by a country’s natural resources, provides a far more effective method for distribution, as well as monitoring and ensuring accessibility and inclusivity of monetary systems.

A New Form of Economic Resilience

Inflation rates are increasing and the external shocks of a global recession have impacted the resilience of economies. Asset-Backed stablecoins offer economic resilience by providing additional tools to help address the high rate of inflation and increase the capacity to recover from external shocks.

A Hedge Against Global Economic Events

COVID-19 has impacted the flow of capital. Impact of climate change on agriculture in the future could further impact GDP. By providing access to illiquid assets and commodities, asset-backed stablecoins can counter the effects of the concentration of outputs.

The first real-time, cloud-native banking system.

We are fintech’s first real-time, cloud-native banking system placed on a decentralized network with distributed ledger technologies. RTCore delivers Central Banks and their network of retail and commercial banks with a fully integrated digital financial system, complete with real-time payments and cross-border settlements in fiat, crypto, and digital currencies.