RTCore overcomes the burden of batch-driven data-processing software and technologies.

Our technology provides real-time transaction processing and settlements to the financial services industry via a functionally sophisticated, fully secure, cloud-native software system designed to process and integrate massive amounts of data efficiently.


RTCore maintained conversations and drafted partnership agreements with XUSD and its partner, Kerix Jad, but were disappointed when XUSD failed to deliver on the committed availability of its blockchain platform and digital token after several attempts.

Regarding Kerix Jad, the company was unable to provide contractual evidence throughout the entire negotiation process of their claims of control and/or ownership of mining rights to several large gold and precious metal mines and above-ground resources located throughout Latin America.

These repeated delays to the scheduled release of XUSD and its blockchain, combined with Kerix Jad’s inability provide conclusive evidence of the ownership rights caused RTCore to permanently withdraw from any further negotiations with both organizations.

RTCore is a global company committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion.