Commercial & Retail Banks

Reliance on legacy technologies has steeply increased the cost of operations, with resulting pressure on margins. Efficiency and interoperability increase geometrically with the RTCore suite, built on a single database and operated with the advantages of today’s cloud-enabled programming.

An Evolutionary New Way of Doing Business

Banks have come to rely on APIs in an effort to meet and exceed customer demand for applications that are feature-rich and easy to use. The RTCore suite of products and services offer flexibility and accelerated new product introduction with efficiencies far more fundamental than speed and cost-per-transaction.

We’ve Redefined Batch Processing to be Anytime, Anywhere Processing

RTCore’s solution is agile and easy to scale up (or down) on-demand, adhering to organizational computing needs across all devices. Because it is a native cloud application, RTCore’s solution excels in two critical security areas: Information resiliency and privacy.

The first real-time, cloud-native banking system.

We are fintech’s first real-time, cloud-native banking system placed on a decentralized network with distributed ledger technologies. RTCore delivers Central Banks and their network of retail and commercial banks with a fully integrated digital financial system, complete with real-time payments and cross-border settlements in fiat, crypto, and digital currencies.